How to be a Sunshine Senior and make the rest of your life the best of your life

When we approach retirement how prepared are we?
Do we or should we retire?
What does the word 'retirement' bring to mind - 'an end of an era, to go away, depart, rest, to go to bed, give up one's occupation so as to live at leisure on one's income, savings, or pension, to fall back, to withdraw from competition'.  All very grim!  The word 'tire'  means 'to become weak, lose interest, become impatient, weary'.  Add 're' and it appears that we are doing it all over again.  BUT WAIT!'Tire' also means 'to adorn',  'to attire'.  - Add 're' as in 're-tire' and now we've got it!   We can get rid of the facade that society forced on us - ideal employee, ideal boss, ideal wife, ideal husband, ideal parent, pillar of society.  We can peel off the cloak we have been wearing. We can 're-adorn' our lives, put on a new attire. It is the   beginning of FREEDOM. We can now do the things we wished we could have done when we were younger.  Then we were brainwashed into thinking of employment, work, responsibility.  Guess what? We can remove those words from our vocabulary and replace them with choice, new pathways, adventure into the exciting unknown.  If you are thinking, "But I haven't got the energy I had when I was  young"  Click on to 'Wellness & Health'.  It's not too late to reverse the clock!Wow! We can awaken the child within us and look on the world with fresh eyes knowing that we have all the wisdom that we have absorbed to guide us. And, better still, if we have children, grandchildren, relatives, friends or neighbours, now we can shock them with no apology.

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